Who We Are

YESYESYES is a San Francisco-based magazine that aims to showcase the talented and interesting characters that get caught in our paths, webs, and minds. We print issues annually and host this website as a way for our creative compatriots to share their latest creations and passions as we compile and fund-raise for future issues. Our tastes and styles are eclectic, but all of the contributions to YESYESYES tell a story of people who answer to a creative calling. We aim to share the talents of a community of writers, artists, musicians, designers, photographers and self-made weirdos, bent on exposing their ideas regardless of the return. Thus, this a-thematical project rarely highlights an artist in conjunction with a release or upcoming event— each article and spread stand alone as an interest piece, simply a snapshot into the life and mind of the subject matter itself.

San Francisco, as with much of the world, is a changing place. Though we may feel more generally informed by what we can look up on the internet, we are not necessarily being brought closer together. In the hopes of simulating and fostering a culture of collectiveness, we aim to bring you various voices on topics large and small, the prominent, the obscure and the insignificant. When we began YESYESYES, we had the intention of showcasing the vast amount of talented people we know who rarely seemed to be paid any mind or money as they dedicated their lives to the creative underground. As we’ve progressed, we’ve found there’s no end in sight. Now we’re into creating our own web through the community that spans the world. What’s the magazine about? Nothing. Also anything. Join us. Drink the Kool-Aid. Resistance is futile. Submit to YESYESYES.

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