by Eva Hannan

1. Open a door Step into this strange room Get dipped in it Upside down and you stick in it Smooth skin tingling Case for molten feeling Was there anything before? So warm Swinging near the ceiling Sometimes it surrounds your body As it fills your body Leaching the air near your sounds Hair down wet with fire Swims in grainy air 2. Love someone, relinquish control. Say, "It's worth it, don't get lost in your leather jacket." They tell you who to trust but they are no one  with so many superstitions unwittingly manifest. Little things take up the horizons. Oh, for life to be better, help me baby if you can. 3. Run across the traffic Paw your way along The dividing ledge Something here must be  Palatable the risk to breathe Order piled on Disorder on disorder on disorder Piled upon order An order engorged Piles discharged  Involve themselves, Disorder in your chest