by Eva-Marie Hube

11/23/2011 The tender lines of a forgotten  coast Intrusions that front as delusions The dusted tide that pulls me home The toxic sunsets that taste like the flavor of your slang The dirty streets I long to roam Your outstretched arms and my lonely palms Regrets in the depths of a ghostly life in this midnight gloom 09/29/2011 Entrenched in my culture Captured by the concrete heat I have been seeking relief for weeks now My status in life denies me such pleasures I have traveled to the land of empty streets and fleet cars To float in a dream anticipating my homage to a city where girls grow their hair long and the historic buildings whisper of their past 01/16/12 I present myself to you in a digital guise, almost every day I wait, I linger, I am invisible, then suddenly visible You are the one to choose to acknowledge my presence and my pinned, exhausted eyes cannot look away I finally recognize my vulnerability and regret this foreign feeling, instantaneously Bad mouthing my capacity to feel it in the first place But I stay “available” to “chat”