Doll Word Part II

by Michelle Bock

Last week we posted an interview with the inestimable Michelle Bock, as well as the photos of her most recent installment of Doll World. We suggest reading that first, but do what you want, man. We've only just learned that Garance used to be engaged to Kasmir Jardin, a handsome, mustachioed Frenchman who rides a motorcycle (hubba hubba). Though she is currently seriously involved with the super suave Toby Dan, she has awakened from another nightmare about Kasmir's grisly death where a large iron beam fell from a crane and decapitated him in front of Garance. She now seeks the counsel of Madame Concetta Mangiamelli, the most powerful medium in all of Doll World. And here's what happens next! Very exciting!

"Tell me child, whom do you seek?" "Madame, I wish to speak to my fiance', Kasmir Jardin who died long ago."

"Very well then. Be warned, he may be in a foul mood if his soul is in Hell." "Kasmir was no saint...but he was good."

"Spiritus! Hear this, the voice of Concetta Mangiamelli, the Greatest Medium on earth. I summon Kasmir Jardin!"

"Why, that is my great, great, great grandmarie', Ophelia Me'Be'!" "I come to warn you Garance, Kasmir does not wish to be summoned. It is a matter of ethereal embarrassment. That is his message. I hate to be the bearer of such news."

"Spiritus! Prod the sluggish will of Kasmir Jardin! I command you! - Behold! Is this your dead lover?" "Oh no, madame! He is my great, great uncle Louis Henri' Beauvais." "Hello, dear niece. The Gods have deigned your former fiance' unworthy of ghost flesh. It is most unseemly! Please. Let him rest beneath the shroud. " "Uncle! I just want to say I will always love him. Can you please tell him?"

"Your insistence has now summoned me!! Do you know who I am? I am you! Your old ancestor Eulalie from the French Revolution. I am you from a past life. Kasmir was another man then, and we were lovers. I went to the guillotine for him. Did it for love. Everyone has their time to die. When fate stole Kasmir, it was his moment of comeuppance. He did it for you, because you, I died for him. So long ago." "Forever linked! An eternity of shared deaths. I get to live a long life this time around, but the next life, it will be my turn to sacrifice. The chain will not be broken!"

"Tonight my dreams are happy. At long last, Kasmir Jardin and I have reunited, in mind, spirit, in flesh, in ghastly bones. There is no shame. Only the eternal bond of sacrifice . "

"He regales me with tales of dueling spirits. I sing him lullabies. Le petit mort, permanent death, it's all the same to me."

"Vanished again. I kiss the clouds floating by."

"Garance! You've fallen off the bed, my angel! What are you doing down there? It looks like a new fetish. May i join you?" "Forgive me. I've forgotten myself once again."

"Forget yourself all you like, Garance. But never forget me. I love you. Truly." "Toby Dan, your lust for life thrills me!"

This concludes this most riveting episode of Doll World. Will Garance seek the spirit of her dead beloved? Or shall she mire in the sultry effervescence of the charming Toby Dan? What of the coming wedding, the homophobic parents, of Fat Enya and the teams of jealous neighbors?? Oh what, oh what! Stay tuned. We hope to never stop posting about Doll World, but do follow Michelle Bock's instagram: freezybug. Jen Snyder for YYY