Wrong Direction


BIG NO began in 1994 when Nathan Grice was given his first guitar. However, the project was shelved a year later, at age 12, when his obsession to become rock star was replaced by an obsession to become professional basketball player. Sadly, our man is only 5’ 10” and the guitar soon was dusted off and the Nikes traded in for Converse with marker all over them or Doc Martens or whatever cool kids wore in the 90s. After moving to San Francisco in 2007 to play in some other guy's band that was great times and alright songs, Nathan’s friend DD taught him to record music on his dying MacBook. Between the computer and the bedroom 4track dozens of songs were recorded using every kind of instrument and sound, including BART trains. Finally in 2009 Nathan quit the other guy's band and began his search for the 'dream band'. But, as many know, no one wants to be in YOUR band playing YOUR songs, although you are welcome to be in THEIR band playing THEIR songs. So Nathan played solo, and it was awesome and finally his dream band did form: Heather on piano, Ian on drums, and Tyler playing bass. But like any reasonable man who gets what he wants, he left. Nathan and Heather moved to Virginia where a new dream bassist, Leah, was waiting. BIG NO is playing shows and writing new hits about the dancing Donna's and crying Angela's of our lives. Stuart sits in on drums while they use every backhanded, coercive method possible to convince Ian to move to Richmond. Their influences are the band from Fire Walk With Me that is playing while Donna is dancing all slutty, Prince and Einsturende Neubauten.