by Eva Hannan

UNTITLED And the strange Symmetry of the pines To say hello Is polite and old Squeaky joints The grease gets cry Wait for laundry Traits make worn What accomplish astrally? Listening to the mirrors Smiling to itself Oh god the love is just Shooting out of it Dipping and stringy

MORE THAN AIR Tightening across The landscape ahead Angles starkening Through dark trees The shadows most Fragile foliage Temporal and softening to Structures emergent The background is Hardening itself Air rendering light In what lies among Here and theres Sickening flowers Colors contrast abandon Rest to uniform Future movement harbors Flocks so enclosing Distance is more than air

EVA HANNAN is a poet, painter, musician, editor and publisher. She co-edited Literal Space Journal with YYY folks Liz Wood and Chrys Nodal, and is working on another magazine that's probably gonna be pretty incredible--we can't wait to see it.